You see I’m visiting
from Florida.

My moms friend
has a cat with
so they call it

My mom says
that I have

See I’m the D.O. G.

It started
with my mom
that I leave
the recliner,
which is my bed.

So, I ended up
on the stool.

My mom,
then insisted
that I leave
the stool
for her feet

So, I got in a tiff,
put myself in the
for guilt

This didn’t work
so, I sneaked
onto the bed
When I was noticed
I gave mom
the cold shoulder,
letting her see my bum

My mom decided
to leave the house
so, I jumped
into her lap.

I thought a dose
of cuteness
would work.
It didn’t!

My mom
comes home,
she smells
like cat
she cheated
on me!

Time for

Copyright @ TMC 2016







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