For the Love of…


Never have I witnessed
such a love;
so tender and sincere.

My mothers eyes
so quick-tempered
had turned cheerishing and dear.

I shiver when I think
How CPS forced to let
her children go

To send away
her children
their fate
she will not know.

Her only consolation
found in thoughts
of their next meet.

It keeps her going,
for she shall see
her children soon.

But all the while
she bears the pain
of being lonely and confused.

Cause whose to say
while shes away
her children are not abused.

Frustrated by
ever present helplessness
she feels.

This woman of fury
loves her children
from this loss
she reveals;

If given a wish,
or three,
she’d wish to have
her children.

Forever and ever
without being
taken away
and miss
the joy of days to come.

Her struggling battle
marches on
her goal to win
the fight.

Its so unfair
she doesn’t care,
her meddling,
neglecting grandmom,
of her children.

To her mother,
her daughters children
mean money
an excuse
for finer things.

As days go by,
she cries inside,
and the villain
teasingly sleeps.

Copyright © TMC 2016


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