Terri Miller was born in Central Falls, Rhode Island. She was born and raised in Rhode Island,  but now resides in the country part  of Florida. She is a country girl at heart.

She has been writing since Grade School. She has always enjoyed writing.  In 2013, after the death of her brother, her poetry became darkened.  Around 2015, the darkness lifted.  She has taken full advantage of retirement in Florida where you can find her reading at the river or writing poetry.

She is a lover of life’s simpler things. Her inspiration for poetry is rooted in faith and family, in love, nature and words.  Life is poetry waiting to be written!  What  she looks at seems to make her write. She can’t wait to get her thoughts written down, but it’s not always at the right time, because there are so many other things that she should be doing.

Like anything else she is a work in progress and is presently under Major Construction. Follow along for inspiration or for simple enjoyment .

You can find her on Mia’s Wisdom at terri9869.wordpress.com Facebook, Twitter and Google or email her at mypoetryexpress@gmail.com .


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